Explore the Rich History of Wupatki National Monument

Tourists staying in hotels in Flagstaff, AZ, will want to visit Wupatki National Monument for a fascinating cultural experience.  The 100-hundred room Wupatki Pueblo was once the largest in the area and served as a community center for many different cultures.  Today, you can explore this cultural gem in a short day trip from your Flagstaff hotel.

Meteor Crater: The World’s Largest Meteorite Site

Northern Arizona is the site of the best-preserved meteorite impact site in the entire world. Meteor Crater is an interesting and educational excursion for tourists staying at hotels in Flagstaff, AZ.  Just a short drive away from your comfortable accommodations, you can see the result of a meteor that hit Earth more than 50,000 years ago.

Explore Historic Route 66 from Flagstaff, Arizona

Hotels in Flagstaff, AZ are a perfect home base for exploring the landmarks of the original Route 66. Unlike many other sections of the old road throughout the country, it has been well preserved, so a Flagstaff hotel provides convenience and proximity to the historical sites.

See The Stars in Flagstaff Arizona

Hotels in Flagstaff, AZ are excellent places to stay for year-round activities in the area, but stargazers often like to explore Lowell Observatory in spring and summer. The observatory is located outside of the city to provide the best light conditions, so the most convenient accommodations can be found in a Flagstaff hotel.

Make Flagstaff the Base for Your Northern Arizona Vacation

When you travel to the Southwest, make of one the fantastic hotels in Flagstaff AZ your home base. Staying in a Flagstaff hotel keeps you centrally located, so you can conveniently access both local attractions and the regional sites a short drive away. Whether you enjoy museums, the outdoors, or shopping, Flagstaff is the ideal location for exploring northern Arizona.